Baharestan Kids school calendar runs from August through the end of June . We are now accepting applications for Persian preschool classes. Please contact us for enrolment. Baharestan Kids will also offer summer camp in June and July.

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Preschool Program Ages 2 to 5

Our preschool teachers focus on modelling empathy, sharing, role-playing, and the development of good listening and communication skills in a warm home environment. Our monthly themes cross curricular areas, so that children will practice mathematical concepts, work on social studies, experience traditional Persian music and movement, learn Farsi language concepts and vocabulary, and try new art experiences – all related to that month’s theme! Our preschool  classes are focused on being steeped in Iranian culture and preparing children for kindergarten. It runs from August through June.
• Based on our Montessori focus, practical life activities are integrated in to every lesson. On any given day, these skills may include sorting, cleaning, pouring liquid, lacing, and self-care.

• Our arts activities develop children’s interest through working with various media like watercolor, tempera paint, collage, sculpture, drawing, printing and more in both short and long-term projects. Each month, we will focus on a particular artist. Taking a cue from Reggio Emilia programs, open-ended arts activities pose many opportunities for children to make choices and express themselves.

• Music and movement using Persian/Iranian tunes and lyrics give children a fun way to learn about language, Iranian culture, and important festivals and it helps develop happiness and joy in their lives!

 Preschool Classes

Preschool Joojeh class for age 2-5

The program runs Mondays - Fridays from 8:30 to 5:30 

Preschool Luch and Snack Sample Menu

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